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TV report about Art in Nature by the Tria 33 program on Channel 33. The projects of the Forest of Crosses and the Armenian Tribute are explained. The report is done by the journalist Montserrat Rosell and the camera and director Biel Mauri. Aerial images of Marcos Carmona's drone. (05/30/2016)
TV news 05/04/2017 Andorra International Land Art Biennial and “SOM” project.
Forest of the Crosses on the News on TV3 and Channel 3/24 made by Ferran Prat and Núria Bacardit. The video features the photographer Xavier Gil and Marcos Carmona of MACASE DRONES . .
Video of the Forest of the Crosses of the Aquae Foundation (05/18/2016)
Brief report and interview with the Catalan News Agency (ACN) on TV3’s news, channel 3/24 and 8TV about the forest of the crosses project. (09/25/2015).
Video of the Forest of the Crosses project that the France Press News Agency (AFP) has broadcast all over the planet. October 6, 2015.
Interview on the Catalan Television Broadcaster about the forest of crosses.
Program (05/23/2017) DEUWATTS of art and science of Barcelona TV where the project Forest of the Crosses opens and closes the program.
The Forest of the Crosses as a backdrop for TV3's "Ballar" (Dance) program broadcast on 11/7/2017. In it you can see the young Catalan dancer Guillem Cabrera studying at the prestigious Royal Ballet School in London. The program has been recorded by the producer Goroka of Barcelona.
Program Página Dos of Spanish Television recorded in the Forest of the Crosses.
9-minute report on the Forest of the Crosses in the Barcelona Television (BTV) program "les 10 notícies" broadcast on 09/23/2016.
The "200 crosses" in The Wall Street Journal (10/07/2015)