Workshops, talks and conferences
2020   -Talk at Instituto Santa Ana de Buenos Aires. Argentina.
-Institut de secundària EDN de Navàs.
2019   "Cultural activism, the right to refuge"Manresa City Council
"Art as a weapon of denunciation" Roundtable. Olot Museum. Girona
-Talk / action Marists School of Sants. Barcelona
-Talk at Navas EDN secondary school. Barcelona
-Guided visit to the Forest of the Crosses. Mataró photo-cinema association. Barcelona

2018   -Guided visit to the Forest of the Crosses with students from the Montserrat school in Sant Salvador de Guardiola. Barcelona.
-Escola l’Olivar de Castellnou de Bages. Barcelona.
-Castell d'Òdena School. Òdena. Barcelona.
The summoning energyConference at the Cultural Center of the Casino of Manresa. Barcelona.
After the end of the world. Conference / workshop at the Urgell civic center. Barcelona.
-IX Educational dialogue days. University of Manresa. “Wake up” workshop
-Talk. Pompeu Fabra University. Barcelona
 2017  -TED Talk "Superheroes, Beyond Fiction" Conference. Kursal Theater. Manresa. Barcelona.
-Castell d’Òdena school. Barcelona
-Montserrat school. Guardiola. Barcelona
-The dream of our life. Cat Ràdio's special program "El Suplement" at the Liceu. Barcelona
-School of Art and Design of Vic. Barcelona.
-Surt de casa Fest. Igualada. Barcelona.
-Talk. Photographic association Focus. Calafell. Tarragona. Tarragona

-Montserrat school at Sant Salvador de Guardiola. Barcelona. May 2017 
-El Bruc City Council. February 2017  
2016   -Guided visit at the Forest of the Crosses for the participants in the international colloquium of geo-humanities organized by Pompeu Fabra University. Barcelona.
-Guided visit to the Forest of the Crosses for 80 students of the Montserrat school of Guardiola. Barcelona
-Pompeu Fabra University. Conference in the international colloquium on geo-humanities. Barcelona.
Conference at the Ateneu BarcelonèsVerdaguer room. Art and nature. Albert Gusi / Pere Moles. Barcelona.
- Workshop "Art and science" together with the scientific disseminator Marc Boada. University of Manresa (FUB). Manresa. Barcelona.
-Presentation of the Forest of the Crosses project at the Lloret de Mar Theater as part of the MontPhoto 2016 international nature photography festival. Girona.
– Daina Isard school. Olesa de Montserrat. Barcelona.
– FEDAC school Monistrol de Montserrat. Barcelona.
– Espill school. Manresa. Barcelona.
2015   - Arts, teachers and creation. Manresa College of Architects. Organized by the University of Manresa (FUB) as part of the exhibition "Mental Prison"

Marc Sellarès. Barcelona 1973. Graduated in Fine Arts, specialized in sculpture. Master in creation, realism and environments. He has won 8 first sculpture awards and has had multiple exhibitions, actions and installations in various parts of the world. He is a sergeant in the Barcelona Fire Brigade

His artistic practice is developed through different media and supports, recovering certain aspects of the idea of social sculpture. Mainly, he explores the language of actions, interventions in urban space and in nature. He seeks to generate debates around political and social issues. Sellarès talks about inequality, solidarity, territory, history and memory, and a present that has to change.

Notable exhibitions / actions:

2021 – Jardins de llum. Manresa. Barcelona

2020 – Art i Gavarres. Cruïlles. Girona.

2019   – Portal Blau Festival. Sant Martí d’Empúries. L’Escala. Girona.

2018   – Lluèrnia Festival. Olot. Girona
- Action The Tunnel. Tijuana. Mexico

- Disappeared. Tijuana. Mexico
- The Forest of The Crosses California. USA
– American dream. Utah, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada. USA.
- We won't shut up. La Model Penitentiary center. Barcelona
– Mare Mòrtum. Lloret de Mar.
- Regional Museum of Manresa. Barcelona

– Land art Biennal of Andorra. Andorra
– Abartium Gallery. Calldetenes. Barcelona
- The Forest of The Crosses. Còrcega.


– Artèria Gallery. Igualada. Barcelona

– “Nau”. Delicadeses art de Troç Festival. Vinaixa. Lleida

The Forest of The Crosses. Guardiola de Bages/ El Bruc. Barcelona.
- Mental prison. IndividualBages / Berguedà College of Architects. Manresa
- Rereading Palestine. Nablus and Jericho. Palestine

- Ephemeral. Center for Contemporary Art and Sustainability. CACiS. Calders. Barcelona.

- Arriving in Ithaca. Ithaca Island. Greece.
– Vi_suals 2014. Manresa

– Timbaler project . Sound reconstruction project of the sound of the timbal of the legend of the drummer of the Bruc. El Bruc. Barcelona.

- Graduate in Fine Arts looking for. Action. Barcelona.

- Art spray. Felanitx. Mallorca

- Saó. Sicily. Italy

– Konvent.Zero. Cal Rosal. Berga

– Freedom. Marocco.

– Konvent.Zero. Cal Rosal. Berga

- The Armenian tribute. Bitlis. Kurdistan.

- Manresa contemporary territories. Ateneu. Manresa
– Konvent.0 Cal Rosal. Berga
– Minut.0 Cal Barrals. Berga

Extensions. Marc Sellarès and “Fazz”. ARTwindow gallery. Barcelona.
Institute of Ilerdencs Studies. Lleida
– UGT. La Rambla. Barcelona

Sculpture Award Vila Casas Foundation. Can Mario. Palafrugell. (Catàleg)


– UGT la Rambla. Barcelona. Marc Sellarès and Enric Pla Montferrer.

– Walls. Sitges. Barcelona


RuaX Art Gallery. Manresa.


Make in of. El Casino. Manresa .

– Arc internacional d’escultura. Terrassa.


International photojournalism festival Visa pour l’image. Perpignan

– Individual at the Sala d’Art jove de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Barcelona.

– RuaX art gallery. Manresa.


Generación 2002, scholarships and art awards Caja Madrid. Itinerant Spanish State.


Creative Contest R.B.Museum Guggenheim of Bilbo and Fuencarral market of Madrid.

Collections:   Fundació Caixa Manresa. Fundació Espejo. Viladecans. Galeria Metropolitana. Barcelona Galeria ARTwindow. Barcelona. Galeria RuaX d’art. Manresa. Ajuntament de Manresa. Ajuntament d’Igualada. Ajuntament de Calaf. Sindicat UGT de Catalunya. Diverses col·leccions particulars.

Permanent artwork: Ajuntament Igualada, CACIS. Centre d’art contemporani i sostenibilitat, Vinaixa. Lleida, Guardiola. Bages. Ajuntament de Calaf.